About NIET


National Institute of Business Studies is among the countrys leading educational foundation. Established in the year 2001, it has been a providing highest standard of education. NIBS is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified International B-School Accredited through Norway Accreditation Board and is registered with the Delhi government. NIBS is known for its high quality education standards. From diploma courses to doctorate degrees, NIBS offers a plethora of courses that suit the changing need of the market. In order to ensure quality we at NIBS get the best academic resources for teaching, evaluation and course design from the top institutes of the country. The curriculum is constantly upgraded to help students reap fruitful results and attain the greatest academic height.

NIBS aims at giving a fresh new direction to education and enhancing the probability of employment. Focusing on the overall growth, we meticulously plan and design all the programs. Located in the national capital, the campus is well equipped with state of the art infrastructure. A highly professional and qualified team works endlessly to provide support in all aspects. We respect individuality and thus encourage students from all nationalities, religions, backgrounds etc. to unite under our virtual campus via distance education programs and open learning programs. This gives students a great opportunity to explore various cultures and garner tolerance and respect for all individuals.

Some of our main functional departments include:

  • Enrollment
  • Student Care
  • Evaluations
  • Programs and E-Learning
  • Data Support
  • Academics
  • Finance
  • Systems and Web Support
  • Mail
  • Stores
  • Corporate Development and Central Developments

All these departments work together in a seamlessly integrated manner with the ultimate objective of providing quality education and excellent student service.


We aim at enhancing the management skills of students by providing them the best of resources so that they are ready to face the challenges of the emerging global world. We at NIBS intent and strive to develop the management capabilities of the managers of tomorrow by taking them to an all new level of competence, dedication and perseverance. Setting up a benchmark for quality education is what we aim at and toil hard to achieve. Developing an institution which aims at integrated, innovated and comprehensive education so as to cater to the changing demands is our mission at NIBS.

At every step, we ensure that we collaborate with the industry, government and various foreign universities so that students achieve international standards of education for the all-round development of the society. Maintaining a safe environment which cultivates and fosters mutual trust and respect among students, teachers and the other functional units is also on our list of targets.


Knowledge is the most powerful tool for success. We envision strengthening today for a better tomorrow. We aim at creating the future managers who have that edge, can lead in any situation, achieve goals and utilize the resources to the best possible ability. We at NIBS just carve a path; it is the hard work and constant drive of the students that leads them to the end line. Creating and maintaining a conducive environment for students that help them achieve their dreams the prime focus at our institution.

We at NIBS envision ourselves reaching the pinnacle of success and to be a center for excellence in all aspects of educations. Providing excellent education for the holistic development of the students is what we aim at. With each accomplishment we move a step closer to our destination which is to become the preferred center for business oriented learning. Apart from becoming successful professionally, it is essential that the students understand their social responsibility. Thus we at NIBS guide them to become a better citizen and a better individual.